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標題: [中文] what is IB [打印本頁]

作者: 小云子    時間: 2012-9-21 11:27 AM     標題: what is IB

唔好意思,想問下咩叫IB...我見好小人討論, 又搵唔到資料
作者: yeungwk91    時間: 2012-9-21 11:46 AM

It is the another exam for entering university

Australia : ACT
Switzerland : IB
You can take either one of the above exams for entrance in HK and many countries.
They are all internationally recognized.

IB is a little bit special.
There is no open application.
You can take IB exam if and only if you are taking IB in the authorized school.

As I know
difficulty : HKAL>GCE>IB>DSE>SAT
There are not many schools in HK holding IBcourses
作者: kcleung    時間: 2012-9-29 06:38 PM

Please refer to for further information.
原帖由 小云子 於 2012-9-21 11:27 AM 發表 唔好意思,想問下咩叫IB...我見好小人討論, 又搵唔到資料

作者: AnLeung    時間: 2012-12-21 11:50 AM

Which school offers better IB courses in Hong Kong?  thanks>

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