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標題: [BAFS] PLZ help (URGENT) [打印本頁]

作者: rabbit123456    時間: 2015-11-2 04:00 PM     標題: PLZ help (URGENT)

The CEO of Moon advises that certain smartphones accessories are outdated and will no longer be saleable. Moon needs to make provision for a total amount of $200,000. This has not been made in the statement of profit or loss of Moon.

吾識點做POINT 2... PLEASE HELP!!!!!
作者: williamEX    時間: 2015-11-2 04:02 PM

間公司係咪做 smartphones accessories
咪就係written off inventory
low of cost and net realizable value
作者: rabbit123456    時間: 2015-11-2 04:21 PM     標題: 回覆 2# williamEX 的帖子

係...P & L 係咪減番INVENTORY

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