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標題: [已解決] LS concept note for F.6 筆記 [打印本頁]

作者: ivanhonghong    時間: 2015-12-16 03:12 PM     標題: LS concept note for F.6 筆記

Technology development
Current Situation
- Six local universities placedamong the top 800 institutions in the world university rankings for 2015/16.Five of them, however slid down the league table from the previous year, withthe Hong Kong University of Science and Technology falling eight places to 59.

Asystem that fails to reward innovators when their work finds commercial use,insufficient funding for knowledge transfer, lack of government support and aprivate sector that spurns long-term investment in R&D in favour of quickreturn.

Thereare insufficient polices on science and technology.
e.g. The Innovationand Technology Bureau is finally being established after much more delay.

Technologyneeds a very long incubation period and long termblueprint, suchas smart city and sensor.
   e.g. our railway engineering took 8-10 yearsof underground research and much trial and error.

In advanced countries

TheUS where there are well-established systems for knowledge transfer throughlicensing and start-up transfer.  e.g. USbiotech pioneer Genentech developed from the work of scientists Herbert Boyer
-  Germany has a long tradition of closecollaboration between academia and industry, and it is part of its nationalpolicy.

Successful example
-  Vitargent Biotechnology provides toxicitytesting services. The new toxin-testing method was invented by Professor ChengShuk-han using transgenic fish embryos.

Opportunities of Hong Kong
-  Hong Kong is part of the Pearl River Deltaregion. We should target China as their potential market and encourage mainlandcompanies to base their headquarters here, using Hong Kong to accessinternational finance and talent.

LS Public health Issue 2015
a. 法制不周,難保市民權益:當局就複製肉類未制訂相關法規,肉質素難以監管,一旦出現食安問題,消費者易受其害;而版權意識不足下,基因資料擁有權問題將帶來多項商務糾紛;
b. 技術未成熟,難以普及:複製技術本身已因成品健康問題備受質疑,中國科研水平又未能和西方接軌,就算中國發展該方面技術,在國內也未必為消費者接受,遑論外銷。

a. 提高自給率,確保糧食來源:複製肉安全性獲多國政府認可,可在短時間內提高糧食自給率,也能應付因社會富裕下膨漲的肉類需求,紓緩中國糧食安全因人口增長而日益嚴峻的問題;
b. 促進科研,領先世界潮流:基因生物工程屬先進技術,中國正希望提升科研水平,發展高端產業加速經濟轉型,複製技術產業化獲官方支持,有利行業發展,有望在世界科學界擔當領導地位。

Commercialization of animal cloning bringsmore questions than solutions:
a. Consumers' rights unprotected due to legal inadequacy
b. Technological immaturity makes it difficult to become popular

a. Fostering self-sufficiency and guaranteeing food supply
b. Facilitating the advancement of scientific technologies

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