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作者: lesterc    時間: 2017-5-29 09:49 PM     標題: 2017 DSE Eng Paper 2A - A home for the elderly/ Elderly home - Model essay

Dear Ms Lee,

On behalf of the Social Service Club, I am writing to seek your approval for conducting a community project in collaboration with a home for the elderly, where our schoolmates run Board Games Fun Day on a regular basis at the elderly home. Let me describe the activity in greater depth and explain to you how the activity can benefit the elderly home.

As the activity is self-explanatory, we intend to bring board games that are suited to the senior citizens at the elderly home so as to bring them joy and excitement as well as to add spice to their life, which is often considered dull, monotonous and wearisome. Although board games are often regarded as pastimes for kids and teens, if their rules are adjusted and their level of difficulty is lowered, the games can well suit elderly people as well. For example, we can bring in a Uno Stacko, a tower made of plastic blocks, to play with the elderly. Instead of piling the plastic blocks up to a tall tower, we can build a shorter tower so as to prevent dangers and injuries. The game may remind the elderly of their youthful years and exhilarate them as well. We can also engage our schoolmates in exercising their creativity and innovating adaptations to board games. As for the frequency of the Board Games Fun Day, we may conduct it fortnightly so that our members can take turns to pay a visit to the elderly home and gain new insights into social service as well as serving senior citizens.

The activity is beneficial to the elderly home itself, not to mention the residents there, in many ways. First, it can strengthen the cohesion of the elderly home. Usually residents in an elderly nursing home have little opportunity to interact with one another and most of the time they stay inside their cubicle to kill time. If we can conduct regular visits to the elderly home and play board games with them, they can have more opportunities to interact with other residents in the nursing home as well as younger people. This makes their life more vibrant and hopefully they will become less socially withdraw or detached to society.

Second, organizing regular Board Games Fun Days can help promote the overall well-being of the residents in the elderly home. For instance, when playing board games, players need to move the chess or blocks. This can help the elderly slow down the weakening of their motor skills and improve their agility. Moreover, board games often require thinking and cognition. Playing them enables the elderly to practise thinking, which may also be conducive to the prevention of diseases troubling the aged, such as dementia. Last but not least, board games are supposed to bring happiness to players and promote genuine face-to-face interaction. Organizing Board Games Fun Days therefore helps promote the elderly’s mental and social well-being, which are also prerequisites for sound physical well-being.

We will be extremely grateful if our proposal for running regular Board Games Fun Days is accepted and should you need further information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Wong
Chris Wong
Chairperson of the Social Service Club

I hope you'll find this model essay useful. Feel free to ask how to better your writing skills.

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