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作者: sliversniper    時間: 2009-5-6 08:22 PM     標題: F''(ENGLISH WRITING)=>WELCOME FOR COMMENTS

Wisdom and appearance are two important judging factors of people. Someone like to be beautiful but someone want to be clever. I think 'it is more important to be clever than beautiful or handsome'.<br /><br />A couple of researches reveal that having a gorgeous face are to people’s fancy, but a brilliant mind comes rather late to their dreams. To me, it is not doubtful that a good appearance are important to our life, that could help our social life .However,do the appearance come first?That ‘s not quite the case.<br /><br />Beautiful or not is of people’s judge, there are no rational standard,there must always be people don’t like your outfit.But for wisdom,it doesn’t seemed to be judge.Clever people understand and are thankful to what they belongs and owns,they could withstand comparing and more importantly they could view things from a objective perspective.Thus,Wise people enjoy their life and the process of craving while the beauty may only strive for endless demand and never feel full.Hence,we could live up with a happier life if we have a freak mind.<br /><br />The cool looks gave us lots,,nevertheless, a pretty face could not last forever and conquest the time since any hottest styles last only a season or few mouths still less a human body.In contrast ,although a clever mind may not make you profit in a short run,it is beneficial to you in the long term.For example,wisdom aid people to surive in a uphill battle such as the present financial tsunami.Without a good values to the life attitude,people may commit suicide to solve the unfaithful issues and that changes ones a lifetime.Therefore,It is obviously more important to have a great mind first.<br /><br />Furthermore,a clever mind enable you to work more precisely and develop your potential.Our daily life are complex and complicated , if we could save some steps,more time could be used for doing your favorite things,and that’s what wisdom helps.Intelligence could also be used to cover the weak pointsand show off what you are good at,hence,you may cash in more your original conditions such as good appearance to gain even more.<br /><br />looking for a judgments<br />deserve for any ideas on improving <br />thank you!

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