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作者: 樂xDD    時間: 2009-5-7 06:22 PM     標題: CE WRITING:)))))))))

You are Mr. Ho Chung-ping , chairman of the Committee on Organ Donationat the Hong Kong Medical Association. You are invited to deliver aspeech to a group of secondary school students on the importance oforgan donation. Write the speech.

Good morning everyone, I am Ho Chung Ping , the chairman of theCommittee on Organ Donation at the Hong Kong Medical Association. I amglad that i am invited to tell everyone of you how importance the organdonation is.

Let me tell you a story first. Tom is a F.5 student who is good at bothstudy and sport. He won a lot of prizes because of his remettingendeavour. Unfortunately, he has got a kidney disease. With thisdisease, he cannot afford high-comsumption sport. It makes him feeldepressed and frustrated. So far , he cannot find the appropriatekidney for him to transplant. After listening this story, do you feel asense of guilty? You may think that it is an exceptional case. In fact,alongside him are thousands of people. They are waiting for our help.

Nowadys ,Many people still have misconception about donation. Theythink that donation will deprive of the ability of your organ and harmyour body. Actually, it won't have any bad influences on your body. Notonly doesn't donation harm your body, but it also give a hope to theneedy, to reinvigorate the needy's life. True, donating organ will bepainful yet meaningful. How can you miss such a meaningful chance?

I hereby cordially invite everyone of you to be one of us. What you cando is to get a donor registration card and let your parents sign.Single effort from one side is far from enough, try to talk yourfriends into taking part in this meaningful programme. The needy arewaiting for your help . Thank you.
作者: 樂xDD    時間: 2009-5-7 08:14 PM


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