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標題: [英語文學] English mistake [打印本頁]

作者: owen_chan2005    時間: 2014-8-7 12:15 AM     標題: English mistake

Were I not to do homework, I would be punished by teacher. Is there any eng mistake?
作者: kelvin0714    時間: 2014-8-7 06:57 PM

Remember that your sentence is inversion.
If this sentence is not inversion, it should be:
If I did not do homework, I would be punished by teachers.
Also notice that teacher should be plural (i.e. teachers)
作者: owen_chan2005    時間: 2014-8-24 06:00 PM

Thank you very much!
作者: 4239040    時間: 2014-8-24 11:17 PM

作者: nanahui1980    時間: 2014-9-9 11:06 AM

thank you

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