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標題: [問題] 我想ask about IES MARK thanks~ [打印本頁]

作者: celia369    時間: 2015-9-1 05:15 PM     標題: 我想ask about IES MARK thanks~

我份ies 得5/9 ,will it affect a lot in my final grade?
作者: celia369    時間: 2015-9-1 05:16 PM

作者: trt24418132    時間: 2015-9-1 05:35 PM

作者: celia369    時間: 2015-9-1 10:42 PM

thanks but i want to get 5* to 5** will it be hard for me with 5/9 ies marks?
作者: trt24418132    時間: 2015-9-2 08:51 AM     標題: 回覆 4# celia369 的帖子

It may be a bit difficult because you have to perform very well in both paper one and paper two(around 75- 80%). It may be easier for you to aim at 5*. Yet, as the saying goes" aim high", you should definitely strive for excellence.

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