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標題: [海外升學] 回饋師弟師妹 - 如果有任何升學美國的問題或需要幫忙, 請隨時聯絡我 [打印本頁]

作者: inhoue7    時間: 2017-1-25 08:19 AM     標題: 回饋師弟師妹 - 如果有任何升學美國的問題或需要幫忙, 請隨時聯絡我

大家好, 我叫Vincent. 正在美國 (America) 大學任教, 多年前來自香港到美國升學,  修讀電腦科學學士課程 (computer science bachelor's degree), 在美國一些電腦公司工作多年, 然後完成碩士和部分博士課程, 現在入了美國籍和在美國大學任教電腦科學 (computer science). 回想起當初想來到美國升學時, 並沒有任何其他人幫忙和提供意見, 如果當時得到其他師兄師姐的幫忙, 路途會比較容易些. 所以現在很想回饋師弟師妹. 如果有任何升學美國的問題或需要幫忙, 請隨時聯絡我.
我在俄勒岡州 (Oregon, USA) 的一所社區學院 (Community College) 任教. 社區學院 (two years university) 一般普遍較便宜. 如果想來到我的學校就讀, 我會全力協助, 例如: 租住房屋, 申請入學 (I-20, student VISA) 等等我會全力幫忙.來到美國升學是我人生的轉捩點, 也是我人生的一個最好的抉擇.
請代推薦給你需要幫忙的朋友, Thank you!

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作者: KLEENEX092    時間: 2017-1-25 03:31 PM

你好 vincent師兄  我有DSE成績和IELTS成績 請問需要什麼學業試成績才能升學美國?我需要考SAT嗎?我現就讀本地大學
作者: inhoue7    時間: 2017-1-27 05:36 AM

Hi KLEENEX,Nice to hear from you. Which university are you with and what is your major right now? I was with PolyU before transferring to a university here in the US about 15 years ago. Unless you are applying for the top 10 ranked universities in the US, your current college GPA will only be used to determine the number of credits you can transfer. You usually do not need to show your DSE scores. IELTS or TOEFL scores are important. You need to score to certain levels and the levels depends on which university you apply for. You generally do not need SAT/ ACT scores if you are an international student.

This document will give you an idea as to the level and what test scores you generally need for an university: ... ation_Checklist.pdf

You have certain route you could take to get your 4 years degree here:
Route #1. 2 years in a 2-yr university + 2 years in a 4-yr university = total of 4 years to get a degree
- advantage: about 25-50% cheaper in terms of tuition

Route #2. 4 years in a 4-yr university =  total of 4 years to get a degree
- disadvantage: about 25-50% most expensive than the previous route

Also pay attention to the application deadline. You should apply no later than Feb (to be safe, because it takes time to issue an I-20) if you want to start in the Fall term (usually Aug or Sept of the same year)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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