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作者: yanyan789    時間: 2017-2-28 07:45 PM     標題: 2012 writing 求評

The best part of my jobs
The best part of my jobs is definitely speaking in front of the camera to annouce the latest  news since a strong sense of satisfaction is gain during this period of time. If I can report the news fluently without any mistake, I will see it as a great success.

The biggest challege
As a reporter, I used to do preparation before boardcasting , but there would be  some sudden and unpredictable situation that I have never come across . For example, when I was reporting the News At Night ,  a sudden news breakout and I was told to report the breakout news immediately without any preparation. To be honest , I was extrmely nervous when I was reporting .But fortunately, I did not make any mistakes through out the whole news report.

My schooldays
I was neither a outstanding student with striaght As nor a active participant in different extra curricular activites . But I did quite well in wrting that I won serval golden medals in inter-school writing competitons. Therefore, my class teacher Miss Chan discovered my interest and telent in writing and she encouraged me to study Chinese. Thanks to her encouragement , I eventually chose to study Chinese in the university. Without her advices, I would not have made up my mind and made decision so quickly.

My family
Both of my parents are clerk so, I do not need to worry about the financial problem as they have stable income. Therefore, they encourage me  to persue my dream that is becoming a news reporter. Even though they know the salary is not high as a beginner of a news reporter, they still let me explore . Their love is the motivation to push me forward and perform better in order not to let them down.

Dear editor,

I am writting this letter to share my opinion about the obsession with physical beauty, analysing the reasons behind and the possible consequneces if this situation continue.

The reason why people are obsessed with physical beauty is that people could be more confident if they have appealing appearance. "Your face ,your fate " I believe that everyone would have heard about it . It is getting more and more popular on the Internet since people  focus too  much on physical beauty and cause the phenomenon that physical beauty outweigh everything and you could be success only if you are beautiful . So beautiful people will gain more confident under this delusional environment , causing people to be more obsessed with physical beauty since they want to be successful or get more opportunities by attractive outlook.

Besides , there are too much advertisments about physical beauty . We can easily see advertisment about fitness centres that claim to help you to build a beautiful body shape or beauty centres that said to help you to have a better skin care , not to mention the advertisment about cosmetic surgery which can be seen in every newspaper. We get in touch with this kinds of promotion everyday that we may be easily affected by the advertisments and have a mindset that having cosmetic surgery is no big deal. Actually, it is easy for people to take coametic sugery as the government do not have implenmentation of laws that can monitor the beauty and fitness centre. The convenience of taking cosmetic sugery also lead to the obsession of physical beauty .

If this situation continue , the morality of society may be lowered. Since people are too obsessed with physical beauty , people no longer pay attention to inner beauty.But inner beauty is the most important thing . To judge a person is good or not  , seeing one's apperance may not be suitable as apperance can change, But inner beauty would not change . Observing one's personality and his way of treating others can definitely help you to judge people . But if people is too obsessed with physical beauty , inner beauty will be ignored . And a mindset of "beauty outweigh everything"  may be rooted in people 's mind so the morality of society may be lowered.

Also, the chance of failure of cosmetic sugery is high. It is not uncommon to hear the news that people died after taking the cosmetic sugery . It can shows that taking the cosmetic sugery is risky and the failure may follow you forever. It is really dangerous to take cosmetic sugery without rational consideration.

I hope the government can set up some laws to monitor beauty centres so as to prevent the raise of illegal beauty centres .

Yours faithfully ,
Chris Wong

希望大家可以比D建議我點可以寫好D (e.g. d point點樣可以organise好d /d point有咩問題/grammar and vocab/sentance sturcture點樣)

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