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標題: [徵求] Exchange S6 mock and ac [打印本頁]

作者: alanwong12    時間: 2021-7-1 12:20 PM     標題: Exchange S6 mock and ac

I have some math, bio, chem mock for band 1 EMI schools, I would like to exchange some band 1 school Chinese, English, LS , Math(core ,M1, M2), bio and chem mock, all of them must include ans (for some subjects, if both paper 1 and 2 included will be better)
This following mock I have( just ap portion):
LS:SKSS 19-20, STCEC 19-20,
Math:SJC 19-20, LSC 19-20 & P2 20-21,SYSS 19-20
Chem:St.Joseph Anglo-chinese college 20-21,CLSMSS 19-20, DGS 19-20
Bio:SMCC 19-20, GHS 19-20, YMC 19-20
Also, I hv OUP, aristo, MERS, Marshall Cavendish and HKEP ac for exchanging CTEP  ac

New discount:
1.2 set of mock ( above subjects) can exchange for a subject resources or ac.
2.If u exchange more than 6 sets of mock with me , u may get more ac or mock paper (optional)
   E.g. exchange 6 mock get 1 ac or mock free
     exchange 8 mock get 2 ac or mock free

Welcome you to contact me via short messages or email: [email protected]

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