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作者: cschan3    時間: 2009-5-7 03:00 PM     標題: Writing--any opinion?

CE English Language Mock 2007 by HKEAA

Task 2 (a)  (write about 250 words)
Most overseas visitors think of Hong Kong as only being a busy city. However, it has some beautiful country parks. Some people think the government should do more to promote these parks to visitors who come to Hong Kong. Discuss the arguments for and against this, and then give your own view.

It is noteworthy that although Hong Kong is a busy city, she also has beautiful country parks with fascinating sceneries. Hence, it is not surprising that some organizations, especially tourist companies, would like to advise government to promote more about this. It’s true that although it brings benefits, it also brings few disadvantages. So, let me analyze this problem right now.

Promotion of country parks brings a series of advantages. As the foreigners can realize that Hong Kong also has country parks with great views and fresh air, their image about Hong Kong as a polluted city may be changed greatly and more people will visit Hong Kong. The additional tourists bring money to Hong Kong and the increasing demand of tourist service even brings job opportunities and encourages the growth of business in Hong Kong. Some special spots in country parks, like the hexagon cylinder shaped rocks, are also educational to tourists.

On the other hand, the promotion of country parks increases number of people visiting it. It may do harm on the environment. The increase of visitors brings more rubbish and noise. Then the animals living there will be seriously annoyed and affected. Moreover, most country parks in Hong Kong are inaccessible on foot. They have to rely on buses and cars, which emit pollutants. The increase in traffic will spoil the good air quality in the country parks.

In conclusion, after the comparison of pros and cons of this, I think that the government should promote these parks, as some of the influence, like the increase in tourism jobs and earning more money, outweigh the problems it brings like the damage of the natural environment. However, as these problems brings serious consequences, the government should prepare themselves like restricting numbers of tourist entering country park before the promotion. I hope the government can do all these in order to encourage economic development and eliminate the negative side effects at the same time.
作者: 5555CHIU    時間: 2009-5-7 05:43 PM

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